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Are You Ready for the New

“New year, new me” is normally the motto, right? But this year - it’s “new year, new!”. That’s right, your shipping experience is about to get 100x better. Last Wednesday, February 15th, rolled out a new, even easier-to-use platform design. And the new design is all based on your feedback.

In this new design you’ll get:

  • Absolute clarity on how much you’re saving per shipment vs. retail prices

  • Easier comparison of UPS & USPS shipping rates

  • An easier-to-navigate, fresh design

But don’t worry, not everything’s changing. You’ll still have access to the lowest possible shipping rates and world-class customer support.

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of all the new features. Want to get yourself ready and super excited for the new and improved Keep reading… 👇

The Exciting NEW Features for 2023

1. New Dashboard

The first awesome new feature you’ll notice when logging into is the New Dashboard. With the new design, it’s so much easier to get a quick overview of all your most important info.

Right at the top of the page, you’ll be able to instantly view how many items need to be actioned. Including your number of pending invoices, orders that are ready to ship, packages in transit, and pending returns. That way, you’ll know what needs to get done right away. As well as EXACTLY how much needs to be done.

But that’s not all. The New Dashboard also shows cool visual reports with stats on your top customers and products. As a result, you can immediately see which of your products is the top performer. Then you can use that info to order more of that product or plan future promotions.

All in all, the new dashboard is simple, sleek, and it gives you only the most important info in an instant. Plus, it’s pretty!

2. New Orders Page

One of the biggest changes we made was the new Orders Page.

Previously, you could find this by clicking on “orders”. But in our new left-side Navigation Panel, it’s called “Ship / Orders”. So the name isn’t too different, but the layout is! And, in our humble opinion - it’s SO much better. Get ready for quicker, more streamlined order management!

The new Orders Page enables you to quickly see actionable items relating to your orders, as well as their status. And the platform now automatically shows you the next action that needs to be taken with your shipment.

So it’s so much easier to view where your orders are at and know what you need to do next. Plus, all it now takes is a quick click to take action on your shipment.

From this page, you can also create a new invoice (order). All you have to do is simply click on the New Order button. That will take you to the redesigned Create New Order Page

3. New Carrier Comparison Page

We saved the best for last. Our New Carrier Comparison page! It’s now simpler than ever to compare USPS and UPS shipping rates.

Plus, with the new design, it’s easy to ensure you’re saving as much money as possible (up to 77% off!). Your discounted shipping rate from is now displayed alongside the would-be retail rate. So you can actually see exactly how much you’d be saving vs. retail rates. A-maz-ing!

Summary - Your Shipping is About to Get 100x Better and We’re Here to Help You Navigate the Newness!

The new changes are about to make your shipping slicker, quicker, and all-round better. With the easy-to-navigate new design, you’ll save way more time on shipping. Plus with the new Carrier Comparison Page, you’ll be sure to always save as much money as possible!

That being said, we know change isn’t often easy. But we’re here to help you navigate the new design. If you have any questions or worries, remember - you still have access to world-class customer support! So, there’s no need to worry - we’ve got your back. 🙂

Now, with your worries put to rest, it’s time to dive in and enjoy that new design. As well as all the benefits it brings…


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