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eCommerce Order Tracking: Why It's a MUST Provide

Man wearing dark blue, denim jacket tracking eCommerce order on phone and smiling.

93% of online buyers want to receive regular updates on their packages. So providing your customers with order tracking is a must in the eCommerce world. It’s crucial to giving shoppers a great experience with your store and gaining repeat business. To find out just how important order tracking is and how you can easily provide it, keep on reading. 👇

What is eCommerce Order Tracking?

Cartoon woman looking at two large tablets displaying tracking page for eCommerce order.  The tablet on the right shows step 2 of the delivery process and says "out for delivery". The other tablet says "delivered" and  displays a package with a green tick mark.

eCommerce order tracking allows shoppers to see the progress of their online order in real-time. This way, they can see where it is in the shipping process. Right from the time they placed their order to the moment it arrives with them.

Generally, order status updates are sent through email or text. Along with an estimated arrival time. So shippers can know exactly when their order is going to arrive. Or, if there are any delays.

As a store owner, you’ll have access to the same tracking. As a result, you can also update your customers with status updates on their shipment.

Why Order Tracking is Important in eCommerce - 4 Reasons

Woman using eCommerce order tracking on phone to track her package.

Providing order tracking creates trust between buyers and your eCommerce store. It also gives customers a great shipping experience that builds loyalty. In turn, that will result in returning customers. And you won’t have to spend time constantly answering customer queries.

Let’s explore how in a little more detail:

1. Order tracking reduces customers’ anxiety and allows them to plan ahead

Imagine you’re a customer yourself. It’s easy to do - we all buy stuff online now.

You’ve ordered something from a small seller for your partner's birthday. The day is creeping ever closer. You got a confirmation email. But, since then, you’ve received nothing.

You have no idea where the package is. Or if it will arrive on time. You think - what if I’m out and I miss it? Or worse - porch pirates grab it while you’re away. Has it been delayed? Is it lost? So many questions!

Now, what if that was your customer?

By simply keeping customers in the loop, you’ll be able to ease any anxieties they have. Plus, if they’ll be able to actually plan their life. They won’t be sitting waiting for the UPS guy by the window all day!

This shows consideration for them and their time. Your buyers will really appreciate that.

2. You can give a great customer experience and build trust

And as we’ve already seen, order tracking is a HUGE part of that shipping experience.

However, by providing order tracking, you have the chance to give shoppers a great experience. One that will build trust with your brand. This will then create customer loyalty.

3. You’re more likely to get repeat customers

Satisfied customers normally become returning customers. If you’re given a customer an awesome experience with your order tracking, they’re likely to come back.

It actually costs nearly 5x less to keep an existing than to get a new customer? So encouraging repeat custom is better for you and your profit margins.

4. You’ll spend less time on customer support

We know customers want to track their package. But if they’ve got no way to do that - guess who they're going to ask a ton of questions?

That’s right - YOU!

Nobody wants to answer, “where is my package?” 56 times a week.

By providing order tracking, you’ll reduce the time you spend on customer support. Then you can spend that time doing something else - like selling your products!

Your customers want it, and it means less headaches for you. Order tracking is a win-win in eCommerce.

How to Provide Package Tracking for Your Customers With Ship.Com

Send automatic tracking emails and keep track of all your orders in one place with the Shipping Platform dashboard showing a scheduled order tracking e-mail automatically sends detailed tracking emails to your buyers. And it does so at each stage of delivery. So they’ll have a clear picture of their order’s journey.

Your customers will always know where their package is. It’s a sure-fire way to provide them with the peace of mind they need!

With, it’s also super easy to manage your orders in the Customer Dashboard. You can view the order status in real-time and see all orders in one place. Plus, you’ll be able to pull up orders for specific customers without breaking a sweat.

Then, if there are any hiccups, you can use this info to update your buyers. Shipping transparency for the win. 🥳

Track on the go with the Mobile App phone app displaying a map. The map shows the journey of a package using a dotted line. Below the map are other details used in eCommerce order tracking. This includes the orders status (which is "delivered") and the tracking number.

You can also download the mobile app. So, if you’re out, you can see all the packages you’ve sent from on the go.

To add to that, you’ll receive regular in-app notifications. And you’ll be able to see detailed tracking info on your shipments.

This way, you can be proactive with your customers and tell them if there is going to be a delay.

To do so, the email tool offers you a way to communicate with your buyers quickly and easily. It’s so simple to set up templates that are ready to go for telling customers about any further shipping notifications or delays.

You’ll save tons of time - that’s guaranteed.

Conclusion - eCommerce Order Tracking is KEY to a Great Customer Experience

Shoppers don’t want to be in the dark about their packages. And order tracking is key to giving them a great eCommerce shipping experience.

By keeping customers in the loop with tracking updates, you can ease their anxiety and build trust. Then, that trust is highly likely to turn into repeat custom. Best of all? You won’t have to spend several hours a month answering the question - “Where’s my package?”.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Make Package Tracking Easy for You and Your Customers

Want a hassle-free way to provide order tracking to your customers? As mentioned above, automatically sends tracking emails at each step in the shipping process. So your customers can have peace of mind. And you can keep them in the loop stress-free.

Plus, by using one of the most trusted names in shipping, you’ll be able to:

  • Make order management and shipping a breeze with incredible shipping software. 😎 🏖️

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  • Use simple and fun marketing and rewards tools to grow your business and increase customer loyalty. 📈 ♥️

The best thing? You can start today. Free, for 14-days. Oh, and you’ll get a $15 shipping credit to send your first package…


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