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How to Create the Perfect Unboxing Experience

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Woman having perfect unboxing experience

Your Unboxing Experience Story…

It’s Christmas day. Childlike excitement fills you from head to toe as you sip your morning coffee. 50 miles west, one of your customers is overcome with that same excitement. But it’s because their eyes have just feasted on the package you sent them. Neatly tied with a bow, branded, and beautiful.

They open the box. The scent of fresh lavender hits their nostrils. Inhaling, a smile breaks out on their face. To the right of your perfectly presented products, they spy a thank you note - written by yours truly! They feel seen, valued, and utterly delighted. You’ve just given them the best unboxing experience.

Your phone pings. It’s Instagram. That same customer has tagged you in a post. It’s a picture of your amazing products in their pretty packaging. The caption says…

“Packaging on-point 👌 100% would buy again!"

Dozens of comments appear below. People wow-ed by the presentation, saying that they also “100% would buy”. Suddenly, you realize you’ve had an influx of new followers. You recognize the names from the post you’ve just read. Unboxing experience? You NAILED it.

Let’s make this story a reality…

Giving customers a great unboxing experience can be a gamechanger. It’s a sure- fire way to make your mark and make sure customers keep coming back for more. Not only that, if shoppers share your packaging and products on social media, you’re more likely to get new business! Below, you’ll find 5 ways to create the perfect unboxing experience for your buyers.

What is the Unboxing Experience?

Woman unboxing a blue bag

The unboxing experience is the moment when your customers open the package you sent and take out what’s inside. A lot of the time, buyers now record this moment for social media. Or take pictures of the pretty packaging and share it online. As a small seller, this is your chance to stand out from the crowd. As well as giving your buyers an unforgettable ‘experience’.

Ok… So Why is the Unboxing Experience So Important?

Shows your customers that they're valued

If your customer receives attractive packaging and a thank you note, they will feel valued. In fact, you can make every customer feel special and like they’re your number 1 with a great unboxing experience.

Allows you to connect with your buyers

As an online seller, you don’t get as many opportunities to connect to and talk with your buyers. But by adding a personal touch to your packaging, you can show appreciation and love towards them.

Makes your brand memorable

Buyers won’t remember the plain cardboard box they got from Amazon. However, they will remember your stunning packaging and personal touches. They’ll not forget how you scented the box just to enhance their experience.

Encourages repeat business

In the eCommerce world, there’s a lot of competition. If you give buyers an awesome experience and make them feel special, they’re way more likely to return to you over your competitors.

Opportunity for social shares

It’s a fact. If something looks pretty, people are more likely to share it on social media. There are even YouTube Channels that are now dedicated to unboxing. Giving your customers the best unboxing experience can result in more social shares, greater awareness of your brand, and even new business.

5 Ways to Create the Best Unboxing Experience and Make your Brand Memorable

1. Brand your boxes and beat the “dead-zone”

Branded pink jewelry box for amazing unboxing experience

Your first port of call is to brand your shipping box. Shipping is often known as the “brand-dead zone”. Meaning that, as soon as a package is shipped, the connection between brand and buyer is lost. Kind of like when you're driving, hit a tunnel, and lose signal.

So say heck no to this dead-zone and put your brand logo on your boxes. This maintains the connection between you and your buyers. And it makes your package more eye-catching. Also, when your customer sees your logo on the box, it helps bring their excitement to a peak! As well as helping them easily remember your brand because of the memorable experience you created.

Where Can I Get Branded Boxes? The Packaging Company is an awesome option for branded boxes. In fact, they let you brand every aspect of your packaging! If you’re looking for branded and eco-friendly supplies, check out EcoEnclose.

2. Use eye-catching packaging

Eye-catching mailer bag with pink highlight on text and white/cream packaging to enhance unboxing experience

A huge part of a great unboxing experience is using packaging that delights the eye. So, as well as branding your boxes, make sure the actual packaging is pretty!

Using eye-catching packing materials is a great way to stand out. And you can use your company colors to help customers begin to recognize your brand. This is then likely to result in them returning. Hoo-ray!

Plus, buyers are more likely to share your packaging on their socials if it’s easy on the eye!

3. Make the inside of the box as pretty as the outside

Woman having unboxing experience with branded box with pastel colored skincare products in varying size

You’ve heard it said - “It’s what’s on the inside that matters”. And that’s very true. Making what’s inside of your packaging look great is key to creating the perfect unboxing experience. After all, when buyers share unboxing photos on their socials, they’ll take pictures of the whole package. Both inside and out.

So make sure your products are presented in the most pleasing way possible. Think about their size and shape. You don’t want them to look swallowed by massive packaging. Equally, you don’t want them squished together. To help with your presentation - use dividers or packing inserts.

4. Scent your packaging to please the senses

Smell is the sense that is most closely linked to memory. So, if you want to make a mark on buyers - it makes sense to scent your packaging. For your customer, it's also a great way to add to the sensory delight of the whole unboxing experience.

How do I make my packaging smell nice? Spray your package with sweet perfume. Or even better, use natural smells like lavender or fresh petals to make your customers experience extra special.

5. Add a thank you note from yours truly

To round off the unboxing experience - add a thank you note from you to your customer. This is sure to make your customer feel valued and appreciated. It will also strengthen your connection between you and your buyer.

The result? Returning customers who love your brand and your boxes! Your buyers may also end up sharing the package and thank you note on social media. This way, their followers will see how much you care and think better of your brand. And you just might pick up some new custom. As well as that - it’s free marketing for you!

Bonus tip: To add value to the unboxing experience, throw in a coupon or free sample into your package. This is a great way to encourage customers to return!

Conclusion - Keep Customers Coming Back with Packaging That’s Personal and Unforgettable

Once customers have bought a product, that’s normally where the value that they get, stops. But you can be different. You can stand out. By giving the best unboxing experience possible, you will continue to add value to your customers. As a result, those customers will keep on coming back. Then, because they think you're so great, they’ll tell others about your business. They’ll share you on their socials and shout your name from the rooftops! And you’ll see an influx of new customers.

That’s the power of the unboxing experience. Go and harness it.


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