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How to Make eCommerce Holiday Returns Easy

Phew. Holiday shipping season is over, right? Not quite. ECommerce returns increase by 10% in the post-holiday season when compared to the rest of the year. So it’s time to brace yourself for returns season. Luckily for you, you have this blog to get yourself prepped. Here’s how to make your eCommerce stores holiday returns as easy as possible. Both for your customers, and for yourself.

4 Ways to Make eCommerce Holiday Returns Season Simple for Your Customers

1. Make sure your returns policy easy to understand and make returns simple

It’s super important to make your returns policy easy to understand. And that you make it simple for a customer to return an item. The last thing a customer wants is a complicated returns process.

Check over your returns policy. Imagine you're wanting to return an item yourself. Is it easy to understand? Are the steps to return an item clear? Does it make returning the item as easy as buying it?

Try to detail in 3 steps how an item can be returned. You don’t want your customer ringing or emailing you because your returns policy wasn’t clear enough. That’s not a great use of anyone’s time!

65% of online shoppers now check a returns policy before buying. So, by optimizing your returns policy, you’re doing future buyers (and future you) a favor!

As we’re into returns season, now probably isn’t the time for a complete overhaul of your policy. But make tweaks that you think will make things easier for your customer.

2. Position your returns policy front and center of your online store

Make sure that your returns policy is clearly visible on the front page of your store's website. If it’s eCommerce holiday returns season - customers will be looking for it! So the easier they can access it, the better.

Shoppers who are seeking to return items will then automatically have a better experience.

Plus, if your policy is easy to understand and you show that returning an item is easy, you’ll boost shoppers' confidence in your brand right away.

This is going to further their sense of a positive experience. The result? Returning customers rather than returned items. Heck yeah!

Here’s how to make returns even easier for customers 👉 : When you drop customers confirmation emails, include your returns policy! This will show your commitment to awesome customer service.

3. Offer an extended returns window

When it comes to Holiday returns, eCommerce stores usually extend their returns window. And so should you! It makes returns way easier in a busy time for your customers.

So, adjust your returns deadlines to allow shoppers this extra time. Your buyers will be super grateful for it. It also continues to add to a positive returns experience that will encourage repeat custom.

4. Free Return Shipping

To make buyers’ holiday returns experience as easy as possible, you can also offer free return shipping.

Having to return an item can already be frustrating for a customer. But by making returns free, you remove another barrier. As a result, you make what could have been a frustrating process, a great experience.

And you can create and send customers a prepaid return label in just a few simple steps with

How to Make eCommerce Holiday Returns Easy for YOU!

ECommerce holiday returns season should be simple for your customer. But it should also be a breeze for you too. Well, with the platform - it can be.

Need to process returns quickly and with ease? No problem. Here’s how you can process a return faster than you can say Oklahoma…

How to easily process a return with

Step 1

Locate the order you would like a return label for. Click the three dots you should next to your order and select “Process Return”.

Step 2

Select “Print Return Label”.

You would only select "No Return Label" if the customer is physically giving you the return. Or if they’re using their own postage to return the items.

Step 3

Select the correct size postage for the return package.

Step 4

Select “Email Return Label to Customer”.

You’ll then receive a prompt to enter a custom message to the customer. Include instructions your customer can return the package to you properly. And use this opportunity to sympathize with them!

Once you're done, click “OK”.

Step 5

At this point you will have two options. When you receive the return package you can then select "Received Returned Items".

You’ll also have the option "Reprint Return Label". This way, you can print the label again if something went wrong the first time.

You can reprint the label as many times as needed as long as you do not click "Received Returned Items".

Step 6

Once you’ve clicked on "Received Returned Items", you’ll have two options - "Return" or "Refund" the order.

If you select "Refund" then the item will be canceled in our system. 🚫

If you select "Replace" the item will then be marked as Return Completed. ✅

Step 7

If you’re replacing an item, you can then create a new order by clicking… well, “New Order”.

Voila. There we have it. That’s how easy it is to process a return in 👏

Summary - A Good Returns Experience = Returning Customers

Holiday returns come, there aren't many ways to avoid it. But there are ways you can make it easier for your customer and for yourself. When it comes to returns, the motto is “the easier, the better”. And if you can make returns easier for customers, they’ll be more likely to buy your amazing products in the future. For you, making returns easier means less stress, more customer satisfaction, and more spare time.

Holiday Returns Season Deserves to be Easy for You… So Make It!

Want to take the holiday returns season from nightmare to dream? Save yourself the stress and make returns smooth sailing with

You can ship returns hassle-free in no time and…

  • Take advantage of the lowest shipping rates (up to 77% off) on the planet and increase your profit margins. 🤑

  • Cut your shipping time by 90% and win back family time by shipping orders in just 3 clicks and scheduling home pick-up. 🏠 🚚

  • Improve the accuracy of shipments and reduce delivery errors. 👏 🤩

  • Increase customer retention and reduce marketing costs with our easy-to-use rewards tool. ⭐

Say goodbye to complicated and expensive shipping…


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