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The Top 5 Trustpilot Reviews

Out of 360+ Trustpilot reviews, rates 4.9 out of 5 stars! If we must say so ourselves, that’s pretty fantastic. So why is the score so high? Well, customers mostly mention ease-of-use and fantastic customer service experiences. As well as highly discounted shipping rates, excellent rewards and email tools, and much more.

To show you exactly why small sellers love using, we’ve picked our top 5 Trustpilot user reviews. And you can read them below. ⬇️

Top 5 Trustpilot Reviews

1. Happy Small Business Owner

“As a small business owner who ships hundreds of packages a month it's important to have a reliable shipping program like I've used other programs in the past, however I've found to be the most user friendly and has the best prices. integrates with my invoicing program making shipping a breeze. I highly recommend for small business owners who want the convenience of shipping from home and saving money.”
Anita Brohamer, Plus Member since 2018

Anita, it’s fan-tas-tic that you’ve found to be super reliable. And the fact that you’ve found the platform easy to use is music to our ears 🎵.

As for saying that has the best prices - well, users did save $1.9 million last year. So, I guess that’s true? Anyways, Anita, thank you for being a super shipper with us. You’re truly appreciated!

2. is the Bomb!!

“I’ve been using for about 3 months now. It is so easy because it’s linked up with my Bomb Party site. The labels print out and saves so much time. I also like that it keeps track of my rewards for my customers & I can check it anytime I want. And don’t get me started with the auto emails too!!!! This has been a huge game changer. Thank you 🙏🏻”
Deana Jarvis, Executive Member since 2022

Deana, this review is awesome. It’s also especially impressive that the title rhymes 👏. We’re so glad you love using our easy-to-use email and rewards tools. Keep being a game changer yourself, Deana!

3. I love Ship

“I love Ship, I used other services in the past, and I’ve been able to compare them. I get everything I need with Ship. I love that it integrates with my billing system and pulls the orders in and marks them ready to ship once the invoices are paid. It makes my life much easier and my shipping much quicker. And anytime I’ve needed customer service they’ve been great to deal with! Very responsive and very helpful!"
Michelle Correia, Member since 2017

Michelle - it’s great that has given you the whole package vs. other shipping platforms you’ve tried. And that’s what we’re here to do - make small business life and shipping easier. So big thanks for this glowing review!

4. Longtime happy customer

“I’ve been using (formerly zensales) for my business for several years. I love how easy it is to use by syncing my paid invoices with email forwarding and that they work hard to get us the best commercial shipping rates. Whenever I’ve had questions their customer service is quick to respond and always friendly. I will happily continue recommending to all my friends”.
Kristina Jolly, Member since 2017

Kristina - you’re one of the originals! You should definitely have your place in the hall of fame.

But seriously - thank you so much for choosing us year after year. It really does mean a lot! And of course, will always fight to get you the deepest discounts on shipping rates. Like the 77% off UPS Ground. 😉

5. Excellent customer service

“Excellent customer service! I use Ship almost daily, every once in a while there is a small hiccup - but Lexie and the Ship team always fix it FAST! I really like the chat feature and being able to get help quickly. I recommend them to all of my small business friends!”
Weslie Cutchens, Executive Member since 2017

Weslie, when people talk about customer service, they always mention names. Nine times out of ten, it’s Lexie. And for good reason - she’s amazing.

We always try to be personal and specific, so we’re super pumped that you felt that. And thank you for putting in a good word for us with your small business owner friends. Wait, Weslie - did all the new users in 2022 come from you!?

Conclusion: You Can “Trust” the Reviews

While it may be a terrible pun, it couldn’t be more true! You can have faith in the user reviews. For all of the reasons mentioned above (and more), small retailers have shipped over 20 million packages with us. That includes nearly 2 million in 2022.

Plus, 4,000 online sellers jumped aboard last year. Because they know they’ll find first-class customer service, the best UPS and USPS discounts, and simple shipping. As well as fun and easy-to-use rewards and email tools. Tools that make customer retention and growing profits a breeze.

To all our family who left such kind reviews - we’re blown away. You’re truly appreciated!

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