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How to Make Your Business More Efficient in 2023

2023 - Your Year of More Family Time, More Doing Things You Love and Less Hours at Work…

Christmas has a way of making us realize what’s most important to us. And the New Year causes us to think about what changes we want to make for the year ahead. After this time of reflection, NO ONE has ever said…

“I want to work longer hours, see my family and loved ones less, and do less of the stuff I love”.

In fact, it’s the opposite. The Holidays remind us just how precious time with family and friends are. By slowing down, we’re able to enjoy the people we love and the things we love doing. Whether that’s yoga, long walks, or a cinema date. And we want more of it.

Fellow shipper, there’s no doubt you’ve had this same realization. And guess what…

This year, you CAN win back family time and do more of the things you love. You DON’T have to work longer hours and miss out because of complicated shipping. Oh, and you can grow your profit margins at the same time. How?

Below, you’ll find 9 ways can make your business more efficient in 2023 and give you back precious time for family and fun. Including how you can cut your shipping time by 90% and save A LOT of money with huge shipping discounts (up to 77%, just saying 😜) …

9 Ways Can Make Your Business More Efficient in 2023

1. Ship a package in just 3-clicks

Shipping a package with is as easy as 1-2-3. Seriously, it only takes 10 seconds to ship an item. Even a sloth could ship quickly with the platform.

2. Arrange a FREE home pick-up and save 90 minutes + per week

You thought it couldn’t get quicker than 3-clicks? Think again, friend. With, you can arrange a FREE USPS home pick-up in just 2-clicks.

Plus, by arranging home pick-ups, you’ll save 90 minutes or over per week vs. going to the post office. Did we mention that’s 6 work hours a month saved?

3. Automatically import orders from Shopify, Etsy, Square and many more eCommerce platforms

Don’t you just hate it when you have to manually enter order and shipping info? If you’ve got a lot of orders, it can take up hours of your time each week.

Well, with the platform, you don’t have to worry about inputting all that boring data yourself. syncs with a host of eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Square and more. So all you need to do is sync your store and will auto import your customer order info. Voila! Ready for shipping. No more manual data entry for you and hours saved.

Remember what we said about cutting your shipping time by 90%? Are you starting to see why? 😍

4. Buy several labels at once and save tons of time!

Buying your labels one at a time? Slow, long, and boring. 😴

Buying several labels at once and saving a heap of time? Yes please! And that’s exactly what’s batch processing feature allows you to do.

Plus, it also allows you to print multiple pack lists and packing sheets at the same time too. #ShipGoals

5. Save $$$ (and the environment) by quickly combining orders

Multiple orders from the same customer? Don’t want to have to spend more $ by having to buy multiple shipping labels? No problem!

With, you can easily combine orders to create 1 shipping label! No more throwing away your hard-earned dollars on unnecessary labels.

Plus, fewer shipments means greater customer satisfaction (because they get all their items at the same time). Oh, and you'll also be practicing eco-friendly shipping!

6. Print scan forms and pick and packing slips in no time and reduce shipping errors

This doesn’t have to be the case. makes it super simple to print scan forms for the post office. So you don’t have to spend your time (and money) constantly dealing with shipping errors.

To add to that, the platform creates a printable page listing all the items in your customer order, combined by item. So you’ll be able to pack customer orders with greater accuracy. As well as reducing support inquiries and making returns easier later down the line!

7. Process returns at lightning speed and reduce customer support time

It’s so easy to process a return in Seriously, you could do it in under a minute while blindfolded!

Returns are a huge part of eCommerce. Customers want a simple way to process returns and fast. And you can give the speedy return service they desire by making it easy on your end with 😉

Plus, quick returns processing means less time spent on customer support. A true win-win!

8. Save A LOT of money on shipping labels and view the best rates right away

Yes, can make your processes a lot more efficient. And save you a lot of time. But it can also save you A TON of money when it comes to shipping labels. members can access the deepest USPS and UPS discounts. That includes up to 77% off with UPS. I know, right.

The platform also shows users the best current shipping rates. No more searching for hours and flicking between different tabs on your browser to find the best rates. With, the best (and most discounted) rates are right there for you.

9. Increase customer loyalty and your profit margins with minimum effort using’s simple email and rewards tools is a little bit more than simply shipping software. The platform also includes access to easy-to-use email marketing and rewards tools designed for small businesses.

The best thing? You don’t have to be a tech genius to use them!’s email marketing tool allows you to set up ready-to-go templates and automated emails. So you can send personalized messages to your buyers automatically.

The rewards tool is just as easy and effective. It allows sellers to assign points for purchases and automatically tracks customer progress. It’s a simple “set it and forget it”.

Complicated shipping software? We don’t know her. 🤷

Summary - is a Time Saver, Money Saver and Life Saver

The platform is a MUST add to your tech-kit this year. It’s super easy-to-use and it’s sure to make your shipping process speedier than ever.

To add to that, it’ll save you a ton of money along the way. That’s great news if you want to see those profit margins grow. 😉

Most importantly, you’ll save hours a week on shipping. And you’ll win back precious time to spend with your family and do the things you love. Spending hours on end searching for the best shipping rates and tearing your hair out over complicated shipping? No thank you.

Make 2023 The Year of Simple Shipping, Better Work-Life Balance and Increased Profit Margins…

So, fellow shipper, if you want to say heck no to complicated shipping and hello to…

  • More time with family and doing things you love because of home pick-ups and quick 3-click shipping. 🏡 🖱️

  • Speedy and easy-to-use shipping software that cuts down your shipping time by 90%. As well as improving shipping accuracy and reducing delivery errors. 📦 😍

  • Increased profit margins with the lowest shipping rates on the planet (up to 77% off). 💵

  • Second to none customer service. 👌

  • Simple and fun marketing and rewards tools to grow your business and increase customer loyalty. 📈 ♥️

Click below and make 2023 the year of shipping efficiency and work-life balance…


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