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5 Benefits of Custom and Eco-Friendly Packaging

Updated: Apr 5

5 benefits of switching to custom & eco-friendly packaging in white text. In background, bright colourful packaging from ARKA packaging. This includes mint green, deep purple, a yellowed orange and dark blue shapes round the edge of the box and a white centre with the ARKA logo.

Making money is not the only thing that makes you successful in today’s business world. Entrepreneurs need to understand that respect is another thing they need to get to become successful. People want to know what you are doing to make our lovely planet a better place to live and whether you do something to make future generations happy. There are multiple ways to influence people and the environment positively, and one of them is switching to custom and eco-friendly packaging.

Based on the latest research, more than 80% of people are demanding sustainable packages. Without any doubt, the influence of companies that promote sustainability has paid off. Only 64% had the same desire in the last couple of years. Customizing sustainable packages will make even better results. The question is - which benefits can any entrepreneur actually get?

That is the question we would like to answer on this page. Based on our in-depth research, there are 5 main benefits all entrepreneurs will get from sustainable packaging. Let’s find them out!

1. Improvement of Reputation

Another study confirmed that nearly 70% of US consumers agree that single-use plastic should be banned completely. Consumers started to realize that some businesses are trying to reduce the costs of packaging by using harmful and toxic materials. We do not have to be scientists to understand all those materials negatively influence the atmosphere. It is obvious that the planet is dealing with air pollution, climate change, etc.

If you show respect for the planet, customers will certainly show respect to you. It is easy to turn a cold lead into a loyal customer if you do nothing harmful for others. That’s how you improve your reputation!

2. Being Different and Unique

Customizing your packages is one of the ways to be different from others. If those packages are made of eco-friendly materials, you can be sure you will become recognizable among your target audience.

Sustainable materials are easily customizable. To make things easier, you should collaborate with sustainable packaging manufacturers that have experience in this industry. They can turn every idea you have into reality. Plus, in case you don’t have any ideas at all, they are familiar with the custom and eco-friendly packaging trends and are willing to share their suggestions with you.

So, how exactly can you customize your packages and be unique? First and foremost, you do not have to stick to typical shapes of custom boxes or any other sort of package. They can be in different shapes and sizes, which will certainly be interesting to people. Also, you can design packages in your unique way. To get some ideas, you primarily must determine the message you want your sustainable package to send.

Custom and eco-friendly white poly-mailer with paw print design

3. Custom and Eco-Friendly Packages Ensure Better Protection

It may seem impossible, but did you know that around 30% of products that are ordered online are returned? 20% of the total number of returns are made because of damaged products. In other words, eCommerce businesses, on average, have to return every 5th product they sell! We don’t even have to say how high the costs of this problem could be.

There is no way to reduce the return rate to 0%. But, customizing eco-friendly packages can significantly reduce that percentage. You will get an appropriate shape of the packaging that will properly protect the product during transportation.

4. Customized Sustainable Packages Raise the Value of the Product

By promoting sustainability, you automatically raise the value of your brand. However, by customizing sustainable packaging, you are improving your products' value. Believe it or not, nearly 70% of people are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products packed in sustainable packages.

Customizing something that people require and making it unique and more professional will allow you to raise the price of your products. Doing that would disappoint an average customer, and he or she will look for a cheaper alternative. But, if people are emotionally attached to your brand + they get the value they deserve, you can be sure they won’t leave you easily.

5. Custom and Eco-Friendly Packages Ensure an Amazing Unboxing Experience

Unboxing experience with custom and eco-friendly white, brand package with logo "FLOUFFY" in black letters.

Entrepreneurs often do not understand the importance of the unboxing experience. How popular this term is among people is confirmed by the fact that nearly 100.000 people type unboxing on YouTube every single month. They simply want to see how people react when opening a gift from a brand that grabbed their attention and learn more about the quality the company offers.

The same survey confirmed that more than 40 unboxing videos on YouTube have more than 10 million views. That means these videos easily become viral. An amazing unboxing experience will convince the customer to get back to you. However, it will also convince the buyer to post the person opening your product online and give you extremely important word-of-mouth marketing.

Promotion of this type does not require any investments. However, if you want to boost your brand awareness, you should design sustainable packages properly and find the best place to put your company’s logo on them. That way, you will ensure that a lot of people become aware of your business when watching these videos.

If you want to find ideas and understand how important the unboxing experience is, you may want to check Unbox Therapy and similar YouTube channels. There you can see a lot of videos dedicated to this topic.


As you can see, custom and eco-friendly packaging are beneficial for everyone. You will not harm the planet with toxic packaging materials that businesses have been using for years (and they still do). On the other hand, you will get the trust of customers, improve your reputation, make your products look more professional, and raise the value of the items you sell. Plus, if you ensure an amazing unboxing experience, you will get free marketing online, which can significantly influence the purchasing decisions of your target audience. Are you ready to take action?


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