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The Best and Cheapest Way to Ship Coffee

Updated: Apr 5

Some people say that money makes the world go round. They’re wrong. Coffee makes the world go round. In the US, your average Joe drinks around three cups of Joe per day. So, if you’re a US roaster or reseller, you’re in the right market. But did you know that how you ship your coffee has a HUGE impact on the final taste?

In this post, you’ll find the best way to pack and ship coffee, so your customers can get a fresh, full flavor with every cup. And whether you’re shipping single bags, or large subscription boxes, we’ll fill you in on the cheapest way you can ship your coffee.


What’s the Cheapest Way to Ship Coffee?

Roasted coffee beans in open bag before shipping.

USPS Priority Mail Cubic offers the cheapest and best way to ship coffee. Priority Mail Cubic pricing is based on dimension not weight, making it perfect for shipping items that are small but heavy (between 1-20lbs). And although this pricing isn’t available at the Post Office, coffee merchants can get huge cubic discounts (up to 84% OFF) by using software like

To add to that, Priority Mail has a delivery window of 1-3 days. So you can keep your coffee fresh by delivering fast.

Alternatively, if you’re shipping large boxes of coffee, UPS Ground is a fantastic option. 90% of UPS® Ground packages are delivered in 3 days or less. They allow packages up to 150lbs and 108 inches long - no need to worry about space. To top that all off, you’ll save up to 78% UPS® Ground when you ship through

Both services offer order tracking. This way, you can keep customers in the loop about their sweet, sweet beans.

How to Pack Coffee for Shipping

White and yellow coffee bags with degassing valves that are best for shipping.

Packing your coffee correctly for shipping is key to maintaining freshness and flavor. Get it wrong and customers could be receiving stale coffee. But don’t worry. If you use the materials listed below and follow these 3 simple steps, that won’t happen.

Equipment Needed:

  • Coffee bags

  • Shipping box

  • Bubble wrap

  • Biodegradable packing peanuts

  • Packing tape

Step 1 - Pack the coffee beans in an air-tight bag

First off, pour your coffee beans into an air-tight coffee bag. Be sure you get all the air out of the bag before you close and seal it.

When it comes to fresh coffee, oxygen is the enemy. If air gets to your coffee beans, it negatively impacts the flavor and can make them stale. Hence why you want to get a bag that doesn’t allow air in.

After that, wrap your bag in bubble wrap. The same goes if you already have pre-packaged coffee bags. This additional layer gives extra protection to the coffee bag and stops it from tearing in transit.

Pro tip 💡: For best results, use coffee bags with degassing valves. This allows carbon dioxide to escape, while keeping out oxygen, and therefore maintains the flavor of the beans.

Step 2 - Put your coffee bag(s) in a shipping box and pack to protect

Black, branded coffee bag in small shipping box

Next, it’s time to box your coffee.

Use a shipping box that leaves a little room for extra padding - if it’s too tight your bag could rip. However, make sure it’s not too big. The bigger the box, the higher the dimensional weight. And more dimensional weight will increase the cost of shipping.

Add some extra bubble wrap to the bottom of the box, then place your coffee on top. Use biodegradable packing peanuts to fill the empty space. The bubble wrap and peanuts will stop the coffee moving around too much.

Pro tip 💡: Use custom packing materials. Custom packaging will make your coffee brand memorable by giving buyers an awesome unboxing experience. Plus, you’ll be sure to get a box that’s just the right size. For boxes and mailers (that are also eco-friendly), we recommend Arka.

Step 3 - Seal your box well

Lastly, seal your box and seal it well. Use really good packing tape. Remember, you want to stop oxygen getting in at all costs. And tightly securing your outer packaging goes a long way to keeping your coffee fresh and full of flavor.

Pro tip 💡: When your all done and ready to ship, remember to use a shipping service that’s fast. The quicker your coffee gets to your customers, the fresher it’ll be. Use USPS Priority Mail Cubic or UPS Ground for affordable and quick shipping.

Conclusion - Shipping Coffee Well is Key to Keeping Freshness and Full Flavor

Shipping coffee is pretty simple. But making sure you do it right is key to keeping your beans fresh and tasty. Plus, by accessing USPS discounts available only through, you can save a ton on shipping.

Main takeaways ✍️ :

  • Keep oxygen from getting to your coffee beans. Use a coffee bag with a degassing valve, ensure you get all air out of the bag before closing, and seal your bag so it’s air-tight. Then, wrap it in bubble wrap to protect the bag.

  • Ship quickly to make sure your coffee is still fresh and full of flavor when it arrives with customers. Use either USPS Priority Mail Cubic or UPS Ground for fast and affordable shipping.

  • The cheapest way to ship coffee is with USPS Priority Mail Cubic through This way, you can access up to deep discounts (up to 84% off) that aren’t available at the Post Office.


Are you allowed to ship coffee?

Yes absolutely - you can ship coffee both US domestic and overseas through the mail! USPS Priority Mail Cubic is best for shipping coffee domestically in the US, as it’s fast and affordable.

How do I ship coffee through USPS?

The best way to ship coffee through USPS is with Priority Mail Cubic. With cubic discounts available only through software like, this service is cheapest. Plus, fast Priority Mail delivery (within 1-3 days) ensures coffee beans stay fresh.

Can you ship ground coffee?

Yes, you can ship ground coffee. However, coffee loses flavor when ground due to exposure to oxygen, so it’s better to keep them as whole beans. That being said if your store wants to ship ground coffee, it’s best to do so in vacuum packing.


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